The Power of Thank-You Cards


After providing your service for the first time, you want to make sure you leave behind a good impression for your client. Haven’t you ever heard of the expression:

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This first impression is very powerful in the world of marketing and promotion for any business. You want your clients to remember your cleaning business as the one that was very pleasant to work with. So how do you go about doing this? By thanking everyone you have worked for, whether they liked your services or not.

The Power of Thank-You Cards

The power of the thank-you is just amazing. There are two main benefits of sending out thank-you cards to your clients after providing a cleaning service for them. The first one is that it leaves them with a smile on their face. It makes them feel important, and this will cause them to remember your business for being grateful for having them as a client. The second reason is it gives you a chance to resolve any issues and promote further services.

Also, if you know that a customer didn’t have a great experience, you could have a card for those people, and a separate card for those who had a great experience. Although you shouldn’t expect to get many customers who didn’t like your service, it’s unavoidable with any business. So it is better to be ready to solve the issue, rather then leave the customer disappointed. Now, lets get into what you should have for each card for the two different situations you will run into.

Great Experiences

This, well at least we hope, will be the most frequent postcard you will be sending out. It is great that you have provided a cleaning service that a customer enjoyed. Now it’s time to leave an even better mark so they will keep coming back. But how do we go about making a postcard that doesn’t seem like a mass-message to every customer you get? With personalization, being personal is key. So here are some tips and things to include on your post-card.

  • Say Thanks! This should be the main purpose of your card anyways. Everything else comes second.
  • Personally sign every single card with pen. It will leave a much better impression.
  • Offer something special for them. Some kind of deal works well
  • Supply easy to see contact information, you don’t want a great card with no way to get in contact with you right?!

As for the styling for your postcard, go with what fits your cleaning business. Be sure to include your business logo and name, as well as colors that match your business. Again, I want to stress the importance of personalization. Make it personalized, and people will find it more genuine then some mass-message.

Bad Experiences

Lets say you failed, something went wrong, and your client is upset. Sending them a card exactly like above will get them even more pissed off and even more of an anti-marketer. Oh and believe me, you don’t want an anti-marketer, they will do everything they can to give your cleaning business a bad name. So the importance of making a good ‘bad experience postcard’ is key.

The only thing you need to change on your ‘bad experience postcard’ is not to promote anything. Instead, offer a way to personally get in contact with you, and no one else except for you. You don’t even have to say we heard you didn’t have a good experience, just say something like contact me with your feedback about your experience with us. This will open the doors for them to express their feelings, so it will be a mini therapy for the both of you!

Tip: Never attempt to promote anything to an angry customer. Always remember the worst outcome you want is the customer never coming back to your services, you just want to avoid those nasty anti-marketers like I was talking about.

Keep in mind, sending out a postcard doesn’t have to be a one time thing you do for only first time customers. It could even be something that makes you stick out against your competitors. Try thinking about sending out a card every time you clean someones house. But try to change things up for repeat customers, the same card month after month will get pretty old and no longer will have any meaningful purpose.

As for making your thank you postcards, VistaPrint offers custom postcards.

Hopefully you now understand the importance of the thank-you and appreciate the use of it now in a marketing aspect. Be sure to get thank-you cards into your business routine, and you will always leave a good and long-lasting impression with all (well most) of the customers you get.

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