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Welcome to CleaningZoom

On the search for tips, guides, resources, and everything else related on how to start and grow a cleaning business? Well, you are in the right place for that one.

CleaningZoom offers all of those things, and then some. Want to see for yourself? Start reading our blog and see! Not sure where you would start on our blog? Keep reading, we’ll get you there.

Let me ask you one question, what stage are you on with your cleaning business? This is critical to identify so we can ensure to point you in the right direction of our website. If you’re unsure of what stage you’re on with your business, ask yourself, what have I done so far? If the answer is nothing, then obviously you’re at the very beginning of this adventure. While others may have already bought their cleaning supplies and maybe even have a few clients, but still are not on the level they wish to be and want to grow a larger client base, who wouldn’t?

To truly identify what stage you are on, go get a piece of paper or open a text file and right down what you have done so far regarding your cleaning business. Here’s an example of what someone might write down:

  • Gathered Start-up Money
  • Bought Cleaning Supplies
  • Created Business Cards & Flyer’s
  • Designed Business Website

As this is just a quick example and isn’t real, yours may vary quite a bit. But, from my list I created above I would be able to tell that I have a lot of stuff setup to start, but I haven’t actually gained any clients yet. So I would more than likely suggest you use our marketing and promotion tactics we supply on our website. Don’t forget though, just because you have already done a lot of things to setup your business, that doesn’t mean you can’t backtrack to earlier guides on our website. Going over things to make sure you have done them correctly can never hurt, right?

Whatever stage you may be on, whether it’s having done nothing yet or you have clients but not as many as you would like, it’s time to send you in the right direction. Although we are going to send you to different sections of our website for whatever stage you are on, please don’t forget to visit other categories and review it to make sure whatever you have already done was done right. You do not want to start promoting your business if you haven’t setup everything the right way, it can easily lead to much more work than you planned for. Now, lets get you going so you can start your cleaning business, the right way.

After you have identified what stage your business is on, look below for suggestions on where to start on our website.

The Beginning: Starting Your Cleaning Business

This is the beginning of it all. You don’t have anything setup yet, or very little at the most. Although it may seem like there is a lot ahead, and I assure you there is, it’s no reason to be scared away. Actually, starting off with the information on our website will ensure you setup everything correctly, and won’t have to go back over anything later on.

When starting your cleaning business from scratch, we want to make sure our goals are in order. So be sure to identify your business goals and setup a business plan to get them down on paper, and this will keep your business on the right track. And a lot of the time, we simply lack motivation and just procrastinate when it comes to truly starting our cleaning business, so be sure to stay motivated with us. Motivation and taking action will get you far. Imagine if I put off making this website, you would still have no idea where to go! So your welcome for that, no need to thank me (Or you can if you want).

And if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a post that goes over just about all aspects of starting a cleaning business and I think that is an amazing starting point for any stage. So be sure to check it out!

Almost There: Gaining Your First Clients

Alright, maybe you have already done the early work. Things like picking your business name, getting your supplies, and going legal. But, now what? It’s great that you have taken action and gotten to this point, but actually gaining loyal customers can be difficult, and I understand how you feel. So we need to get our marketing, promotion, and customer service in order. We want to make sure people have an amazing service, and that people hear about us. But, how?

A lot of people are not marketing experts, but when starting your own business you have to take part in all aspects of it. From actually creating it to gaining customers, it is all up to you to do it. Unless, of course, you have a large amount of money to hire someone to do it for you. And we understand that is not an option for a lot of people, and even hiring someone sometimes just doesn’t work out. It’s so much better to learn your target market in and out, and find and keep those loyal customers by yourself. Trust me, it’s so rewarding to be able to say you did it all by yourself, from nothing to something that you live off of.

So marketing, promotion, and everything related, how do I do it? Well, there are a lot of things that need to be done. From learning your target market and where they go, to getting your name around and creating word of mouth about your business. Just be sure to check out our marketing and promotion section on our website, and it will get you started in the right direction to building a loyal customer base.

Growing: Gaining More Customers

Oh wow, so your business is all setup and you have customers. First off, I would like to say congratulations for taking action and getting to this point. It was hard, I know, but it’s time for a little more effort to get to where you really want to be. Whether you currently have 20 loyal customers or 50, wouldn’t it be nice to have more? This is the point in your business where you can finally move on up.

Normally at this point in business, I like to go back to the beginning. Are my old goals and actual plan the same as they are today? If they are, great, but often as we start growing a successful business, our plans change. Maybe in the beginning you just wanted to have enough customers to support yourself, but now, oh now it’s a different story. You see how quickly you grew and how much more potential there is to grow. And this is a great thing, don’t get me wrong, but before just changing your business plan to a new one, we want to make sure it will work.

Like I was saying above, we want to go over our business plan again. Hopefully you saved your original one, and if you did, get it out and edit it to your new business goals. If you didn’t save it, then hopefully you still have a slim memory of what your old plan was like, and rewrite it to your new plans. For guidance on writing it, be sure to read our cleaning business plan post, it will help a lot.

Now after we got that out of the way, lets take action. Things like hiring staff, more advanced and paid promotion, and being sure you stay legal through it all are important things to take your cleaning business to a new level. After all this time building up your business to its current level, you got this, I believe in you! Now go read, implement, and strive. And remember, if you have any questions just ask us!