Top 5 Ways for Finding Residential Cleaning Clients Online


A common issue for many people starting a cleaning business is where to find clients online. You are always looking around for how to go about finding residential clients online for your cleaning business. Well today, I am going to list five amazing ways to find good clients online, as well as some tips to do it.

Just before we jump into it though,  I want to let you know I kept price in mind while listing these resources. That’s why these services are free, or will cost very little to use and setup. Okay, now lets get into it.

Having a Website

Having a website is a very strong and powerful way to attract customers to your business. It will make your business look more professional by having your own place that supplies all the information about your business, rather than a 3rd party doing it. Although these 3rd party services are a great way to find customers (and I list some below) you always want to link back to your site on those sites. If you’re having issues setting up a website for your cleaning business, check out our post on setting up a cleaning business website.

Angie’s List

I know what you are thinking, “I already know about this site!” I really just want you to understand the importance of this website. This is a huge company that advertises themselves all over TV, online, and so on. So they are indirectly advertising your cleaning business all over the world. Now I know you don’t want customers from all over the world, but the people in your area will be seeing these ads and joining their website, and then looking for services they want.

So utilize Angie’s List a lot, get amazing reviews (by providing amazing service of course) and gain more and more clients. This is going to be an amazing way to bring in more clients, and it doesn’t cost too much.


With Craigslist it’s really about keeping up to date and knowing where to post your services. A lot of times people will set and forget on Craigslist, which you just can’t do. You have to keep renewing your post for it to be at the top, and also make sure you post in the right sections.

On Craigslist the best place to post up your residential cleaning services is in the “Services” section. I know it sounds obvious, but a lot of the time I find cleaning services posted elsewhere on Craigslist. This will make you loose out on a lot people looking for your services, so be sure to post in the appropriate section for what you are offering.

As for the actual post you make, try to add some good photos. Things like your flyers you made with all your information on them, your team of workers, and maybe just some clean homes you have cleaned. Be sure to be descriptive, yet keep it short and simple. And if you offer cleaning for both residential and businesses, make two separate posts for it. Reason being that you are attracting two different types of customers when you supply both services, so you will want to adjust each of your posts for them.


You better not forget about Yelp. It is a huge site that is all about supplying reviews of local businesses. By using Yelp right he beginning you will be able to acquire reviews easily, by a large amount of your customers. When just starting out, reviews are everything. People will be looking around for what people say about you before they hire you, so you want to make sure you are always getting good reviews.

So how can you get good reviews in the beginning? At first, it will be hard. You won’t have many customers, and not everyone writes reviews. So I suggest, after doing an amazing cleaning job for your client, ask them to leave a review. To make it easier for the customer, making a easy to see link to your Yelp page on your website would be a great idea.

If you encounter bad reviews, which you will no matter how good of a job you do, you have to deal with them. Sometimes they are bogus reviews and these will be hard to get rid of. But when they are legitimate, just respond to them professionally. Try to address their concerns and offer a way to fix the issues. You can either do this publicly by replying, or by messaging that users privately. Keeping a clean online presence is a very key factor for gaining clients from on and offline. So be sure to keep the bad reviews down and the amazing reviews up by providing amazing services for your clients.

More Local Listing Sites

These sites are similar to Yelp, but yet not as known to many people and often looked over. These sites work pretty much exactly like Yelp, and are ran by huge companies themselves. Here they are:

The same goes with these sites as I stated with Yelp. Be sure to get your cleaning business up and running on these websites as well, the more the merrier!

Oh, and I want to tell you something about Google Business. Often times when someone searches for a local service, local businesses that are signed up on Google Business will appear on the search results page. This helps out a lot as you will be on the very top of Google for that search term, and no one will ever have to even leave Google to be able to contact you to inquire about your services. Go and try it out for yourself and see what I mean. Go to and search for food, or you could even try cleaning services and see what shows up. You will notice local businesses for those keywords show up, and this is where your cleaning business could show up if you are on Google Business.

Now once you have set up these resources, your businesses online presence will be much stronger. Overtime with some good reviews and feedback, you will be seen by more and more people. Although this is a huge part of setting up an online presence, you aren’t done just yet. Be sure to keep up to date with everything as well as finding clients elsewhere, they won’t all come to you, you must find some yourself as well.

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