Finding Loyal Employees For Your Cleaning Business


There are two important things that any business must have, and those are great clients and even better employees. Employees are the faces of your cleaning business, and are the ones who are representing your business every single day. And if your employees don’t have the same goals and intentions you have for your business, it will always end badly. You want to find employees who want your cleaning business to succeed, and who will work hard to help the process of it becoming successful.

So rather than explaining further on why great employees are a necessity, lets get into the real topic. How to go about finding loyal employees. Personally I don’t think it’s where you find your employees, but rather on how you qualify the people you find. So while I will give you some places and ideas on finding people to work for you, I will also give you tips on qualifying the people you do find. What I mean by qualify is the process of seeing if they will be fit to work for your business.

Where to Actually Find Employees

Before we can qualify any employees, we need to find people who would actually be interested in working for our cleaning business. The internet has made this task very easy, so we no longer have to use the newspaper and job fairs to find good employees.

Job Listing Websites

Job listing websites are the most popular way for people to find jobs. It’s easy and convenient to use for both potential employees and businesses who are hiring. So don’t overlook these types of websites, they are full of people looking for jobs, and will save you a lot of time.

Some of the most used and widely known job listing websites are,

If you check out these websites, you will notice some will cost a fee to post a job. It is really up to you to use the websites that cost money to post on. If you’re on a tight budget and really can’t afford to pay to post a job offering, then don’t. Using the the free alternatives should bring about the same results as the paid websites. But go over the different features each of the sites offer, then you will be able to see which one will best fit your business needs. Personally, I always recommend keeping your ‘over-head’ as low as possible so I say go with free methods for this task.

Creating an Attractive Job Listing

Wherever you decide to create a job listing, you want to make sure your listing is attractive to the loyal employees you are looking for. We want to attract employees that will work well with our business, and try to avoid those who will do no good for us. But how can we go about doing this? The best way is to say what you are exactly looking for, and don’t leave anything out.

For example, if you are looking for someone with 2+ years experience in the cleaning field, say that. If you don’t mind, and just want someone who is willing to learn, say that. Everything you are looking for in your ideal employee, state it in your job listing. Get everything on the table from the start, it will save you time and also make you transparent, which builds trust.

Here’s an example job listing that I put together for you to grab some ideas from.

Qualifying Potential Employees

Lets assume you’ve gotten some responses back from your job listings, and hopefully you do. Now what? Should you just hire them right there on the spot? I mean, you did explain everything that I wanted in your listing and they replied to it right?

Well, it would be great if everything we wrote in our listing we would get from the people who replied, but often times we don’t. I’ve seen people reply to my listing with nothing that I required for the job, and I mean nothing. It’s also good to keep in mind that someone might not have one thing that you required in your post, but that doesn’t mean you have to just ignore them entirely from possibly hiring. Often times people are willing to put in the extra effort to make up for not having something that you required. If this situation arises, you can still give them a chance (although you are the boss, so it’s always ultimately up to you!).

After we have gotten some replies from our job listing, the first step we need to do is check out their resume. See if what you are looking for in an employee is there. Things like having an education, relevant experience, etc. Often times, just from a resume we will be able to qualify a person and see if they are what we are looking for. Although this doesn’t mean an instant hire of that person, we obviously need to ask some more questions. So it’s time for an interview!

With interviews, I highly recommend an in-person interview. This way, you will get a stronger sense of their intentions and commitment towards your business. To setup an interview, simply reply back and see when they would be available to meet up and talk. For a location, you can just go to a local coffee shop if you don’t have a physical location for your business. As for the actual questions, don’t ask things regarding their resume, except for confirming what they stated in it. Ask questions that go along with their commitment to your business and try ensure there visions or mindset is inline with that stated in your business plan. If they want to succeed and grow with your business, and things along those lines. Even getting them motivated by saying things like, “as we grow, you will too.” These types of statements will encourage them to grow your business, so their salary can grow as well.

After you have asked your questions, you can either hire on the spot or wait a few days. I recommend waiting a few days if you are not in a rush. This will allow you to talk to other potential employees, and also go over what was said during your interview.

Don’t wait too long though, if you wait anymore than a week it will either seem like you don’t value them, or even worse, they will get hired by another employer! This is no game, so don’t try to be a bully or act above them. Showing them that you want them to work for you is a good thing, if not exaggerated of course. When employees feel like they are needed, they love it and typically will work harder to impress you. Watch out with going overboard though, some people will use and abuse it, so be sure to let them know you aren’t afraid of firing anyone who messes around and uses you or your business.

Hopefully after all of this, you will be able to get the loyal employees for your cleaning business that you wanted. Remember there are two important things with any business, good clients and great employees. You want to hire people who will represent your business with pride, and who want it to succeed as much as you want it to. Always make sure to show appreciation towards your employees, you could even go outside the box and offer monthly rewards for effort and hard work. Employee motivation is key to growing your business, so keep them motivated to keep on growing.

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