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How Can I Start a Cleaning Business?

A lot of people come to our site to answer this very question. Since our site is all about starting a cleaning business, everything on our site will be pretty useful. Although, some of it will be more useful to some than others, it really depends on what stage you are on of starting your cleaning business. We recommend reading our getting started page. There you will be able to identify what stage you are on, then move onto posts that will best fit your needs. Also reading our starting a cleaning business post will give you a general idea about what it will take to start your cleaning business.

How do I gain Customers?

Gaining customers will probably the most difficult thing you will have to do while running your cleaning business. But it is one of the most important things that you have to get right, and always be doing, if you want to grow your cleaning business. Reading our marketing and promotion guides will really be the best place to go for advice on gaining customers. We supply old tactics to new and fresh ideas that will help your business grow to the levels you want it to be at.

How do I stay legal?

Since you are considering to start a cleaning business, I probably assume you don’t actively (for the most of you) practice law. Well, neither do we but we’ve put together a post on making your cleaning business legal. We cover the basics, and give you some resources on where to go for some professional and legal help from the professionals on the subject.