5 Common Fears of Creating a Cleaning Company


Starting a cleaning business, as with any business, has its up sides along with some downs.

The “downs” are, in reality, just risk. Risk is something that any business must take on because without risk, everyone would do it because there wouldn’t be any chance for failure.

Thankfully, if you are able to overcome the common fears (as listed below), you will be one step ahead of others that are trying to enter the market.

We will be talking about fears of success, marketing issues, and more, how they relate to cleaning businesses, and how to overcome such fears of failure that will allow you to propel towards success for you and your business.

Without any more talk, let’s get into this list of 5 common fears people have while starting a cleaning business and hopefully; how you can overcome these fears.

1. “What if I can’t find clients?”

There are two things you need to be very good at when trying to obtain new clients:

  1. Be good at “stealing” the competitions clients
  2. Be good at finding clients who have no such prior service

Both routes have their own pros and cons. For example, going after the competition you will need to be able to convince their clients that you are a clearly better option (and by a lot). As for finding new people entirely, you will have to educate them on the benefits along with how you will serve their needs.

Finding clients is tough, sure, but not impossible. You can find prospects in all areas, from online to old classic tactics.

If you are serious about starting a cleaning company, marketing and promotion surely shouldn’t be something you are afraid of. If you are, you will avoid it and never gain paying customers. Just remember… always sell, sell, sell!

2. “I don’t have enough money to start”

Listen, if you are frugal with your starting up costs you really don’t need much.

Cleaning supplies are cheap (even if you go with natural options), a website is even cheaper, legalities may get pricey but only if you aren’t wise with it, and lastly finding clients can be done tons of ways.

The excuse of “not enough money” is only valid for those who are $10,000 in debt and have no money to their name. Even then, I’d like to argue about that situation too. There is always a way, and you can realistically start your cleaning business with the bare bones at $500-$700 (if that).

Saving for a few months will get you to that in no time… No matter what it takes!

3. “What will happen when I run into x…?”

Afraid of the unknown, most of us are and for a good reason… human nature.

It makes sense that we don’t know what we will face down the line, but as a business owner you can’t be afraid of what you don’t know will happen. Of course, you should have a good idea and never take actions that will easily jeopardize your business; but being afraid of every little decision will prevent you from doing anything at all.

Without risk (like we talked about before) and the understanding of unknown futures, you won’t be able to stand out by taking a shot in the dark. You will be left alongside everyone else, and no one will be able to point your company out because you are boring, just like everyone else is.

Stand out and take a risk at the unknown. A lot of other people don’t, and this gives you a massive advantage.

4. “I’m no expert at this!”

Don’t know anything about how to run a business? Fine.

Don’t know everything about cleaning tricks of the trade? Fine too.

Don’t know how to gain customers? Fine too, too!

Best thing about all of these issues? You can learn, and with today’s world you can learn rather easily. You can literally search any issue or question you come across in your venture and find answers from many different experts.

Don’t be afraid at the fact of you not knowing everything. You think I know everything about writing? Definitely not, but I still do it. This goes for you, just know that there is always a way to learn what you don’t know, and if you avoid it; you will never succeed.

5. “Will I even be able to handle success?”

I’d like to say that this question is one you should left unanswered.

Because it’s one of those “good issues to have” type issues (if you even want to call it an issue).

Don’t be afraid by success just by the mere fact that it may be too much to handle. Remember that down the line you will be able to hire people to help you out and even take over operations entirely. Worst case you sell the business and move on if you seriously can’t handle it.

But hey, we will get there once we get there. Until then, if you seriously want financial freedom then start taking action and start that cleaning business. Start now, not later; right now!

Final Thoughts

Listen, fears are common when it comes to starting a business. This is especially true for the new business owner who has never dealt with this type of thing before.

But as a business owner (or future owner), you can’t be afraid of anything on this list. Instead, you need to look at each fear as an opportunity to overcome and beat, which will allow you to get ahead of those who let such fears overcome them and their business.

Before you go, may I ask what your #1 biggest concern is that keeps coming back to you time and time again about starting a cleaning business? Share it in the comments down below, we’d all love to hear it!

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