Creating a Cleaning Business Website


Wake up and smell the coffee, it is the age of the internet. If your business is not online, you are missing out on a lot of potential. Nowadays people go to a search engine, type in what they are looking for, and get what they were searching for. Having a strong online presence is key when building a successful cleaning business.

And I get it, you might not have any technical skills when it comes to the internet and building websites, but that is completely fine. Today I am going to supply you with resources, that are very cheap and sometimes even free, that you can use to your advantage. I am going to give you what you need to setup your cleaning business website and have it up and running with very little technical skills.

Getting a Domain

Wait a second! Before you go ahead and buy your business a domain name, you need to have a legal and good business name. We went over how to create a good and legal business name on a post of its own. Be sure to visit that page and read the part about making sure your business name is good, attractive, and most importantly, legal. After you have done that, now we can start the process of getting a domain and setting up our website for our cleaning business.

The first step of getting your cleaning business website up and running is to get a domain. Everything we use on the web is connected to a domain, take this site for example, The domain is the name people will type in their web browser to see your website. Although there is a lot more going on behind it on the back side of things, you really don’t need to know how it all works for making your cleaning business website.

To get a domain, head over to a site like NameCheap, a huge domain supplier, and search for a domain name. Hopefully your exact business name is available for the .com version. If it is not, you could always try for a .net or a .org, but nothing else. Most of the other domain extensions are easily forgotten and people will always forget which site is yours. And if all those extensions are taken, try adding a hyphen in between words and try again. So keep that in mind, only get the .com, .net, and .org extensions. If you can get them all, do that too. This way, anyone searching for your website won’t get lost and will always be directed to your website.

Website Hosting

Now that we have a domain for our website, now we need a web host that will hold all of our website files. I highly suggest using HostGator as they are very cheap, starting at around $4 a month, and they have amazing tech support and up time. You won’t need a huge plan, so one of the cheaper hosting plans on HostGator will be fine.

Once you have bought a hosting package you like, it’s time to point your domain to the website. What this basically means is that the domain is going to display the files that are on your hosting provider. This is going to make your domain actually show content, which we will setup next. If you bought your domain from NameCheap and got HostGator hosting, then you are in luck. HostGator made a post on how to point your domain to your web hosting with NameCheap and HostGator. If you got a domain and hosting from another place, the steps will be fairly similar, just things might be located in different places.

Getting Your Website Design

This is probably going to be the most difficult part of this process. What we need to do now is get a website design or template, and upload it to our hosting provider. Once we do this, your site will be complete. Your domain will show the design and content you have uploaded to your host, and people anywhere in the world will now be able to see it.

Once you have a template you like that fits your business, you will need to edit the sample content on those webpages. The following videos will show you how to edit your website template, and then upload it to your web host for it to be show to the entire world.

Since this isn’t a web design website, we won’t go into detail about the rest of this process. The following links and videos will help you out with setting up your website.

As for editing your websites content (the HTML part) you might want to learn about HTML by watching a few short videos over on thenewboston, which is a free source of many helpful tutorials. Learning this simple skill is very valuable, and will put you ahead of your competitors who are paying big bucks for simple content changes, so don’t pass up this knowledge. Also, it won’t take too long. In just a few videos you will be able to edit your website.



And one last thing, lets say you don’t wish to go through all of this so called, ‘trouble.’ I would suggest just making your own website on something like Wix. But when doing sure, make sure you get a real domain, not some sub-domain of Wix. Having you own domain will improve credibility when promoting your website and business.

Finally, you did it! Your website is up and running and able to be seen by the entire world. This isn’t just a set and forget thing though. You need to utilize your website to gain more customers from it. So be sure to refer people to it on your flyers and business cards, as well as online.

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