7 Tips For Creating Cleaning Business Slogans


As with any business we all know that having a really good, meaningful, and memorable slogan or tagline is really going to stand out when seen by customers. And remember; with cleaning company slogans, you always want to ensure that people can recognize that the slogan makes sense and fits a cleaning business.

The purpose of this post is to give you all the resources and advice you would ever need to start crafting a perfect cleaning business slogan. Let’s jump into the first tip:

1. Keep it Short

As with your cleaning business name, your cleaning slogan should be short too. You don’t want a slogan that every time it comes up people find it annoying to read it.

For reference; try to keep your cleaning services slogan between 7-10 words at max. If you can still follow the other tips in this post and get your slogan to remain super short (3-5 words), then by all means go for it!

2. Make it Memorable

If you don’t stand out, you are going to get buried with the rest of the competition. Make your companies slogan stand out and create such a unique slogan that people won’t be able to forget it even if they tried.

3. Makes Sense

If your slogan doesn’t make a lot of sense to those who read it, you are probably better off not having a slogan in the first place. Having a slogan that doesn’t relate, doesn’t make sense, or sounds weird is a huge turnoff to people who read it and it will do the opposite of gain attention to your cleaning company (and you don’t want that!).

For some quick advice; if you ask 5 people if it makes sense and if it relates to the cleaning industry and the majority says no then you should probably try again. On the other hand if they agree and think it makes sense, you probably have a winner!

4. Keep it Consistent and Related

Consistency is key with any business, including your cleaning business! Ensuring that your cleaning slogans list match your name, brand image, and even company colors is crucial to picking the right slogan.

It starts to get confusing and messy when things aren’t kept consistent and aren’t related with each other. So pro tip for you when creating your slogan; keep it consistent and make it ‘matching’ with your business.

5. Originality is Key

If your slogan obviously copies another businesses slogan, then you are setting yourself up to fail (and even worse, get bad press for stealing). Ensuring your slogan is original and isn’t already being used for any business, including cleaning business competitors, might take some work. Here are some things you can do to avoid using a slogan that is already being used:

  • Search Google with this string: “slogan idea here” and see if you find your slogan idea anywhere (be sure to include the quotes!)
  • Follow these steps by Chron

6. Relates to Your Target Market

You need to make sure that your target market can relate to your slogan. House cleaning slogans are going to be very different in tone and word choices than a commercial cleaning slogan is going to be.

The reason this is crucial to know is because while house cleaning clients want to know how well you are going to clean their homes and how, business owners are going to want to know how your services will help them, their business, and even their customers.

7. Make a Huge List

Coming up with a huge list of ideas right off the bat is always a good idea. Just brainstorm for a straight hour a ton of different ideas without filtering anything. Then, go back through this post and you will probably be able to filter out a lot of your slogan ideas by implementing our tips.

This is a highly effective way for getting the ‘perfect’ cleaning slogan that is going to fit perfectly for your business.


Ensuring you keep all these tips in mind while you create your cleaning service slogan ideas is crucial. As with your business name, a slogan is runner up when it comes to importance. While a slogan might not be the first thing people see when your company is in front of potential customers, it is definitely the second thing they will see. And if you failed to make a good first impression, you might blow it on your second impression if your slogan lacks in originality and uniqueness.

Have any tips on creating cleaning slogans? We’d love to hear them down below in the comments!

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