Create Cleaning Business Cards That Work


Did you ever think that business cards still worked? Have you questioned if they are even worth your time?

Well, let’s just get this out there right away…

Business cards work.

Believe it or not, if you create a well crafted and beautifully designed business card for your cleaning services company, you will be surprised with the results you will get from it.

Creating cleaning service business cards is just like creating cards for any other industry, if they are low quality they won’t produce massive results like you might of been hoping for. So how can we ensure you create quality business cards for your cleaning company? Well first we need to go over what quality and well designed even means.

Quality and Design

When I refer to quality with your business cards, I’m referring to the material it is made from. Is it thick, thin, or even plastic? You could probably guess thin cards don’t qualify as quality cards. But with a nice thick business card, you will really start to stand out. And if you want to go a step further, create a plastic business card and see how people react when you hand them one.

Of course the better quality you go, the more costly it becomes. But does it really matter? Of course there is a point where the price doesn’t become worth it, but if it is a semi-reasonable cost then why not go for quality cards all of the time?

Always remember that first impressions only happen once. You don’t want to be cheap and always produce a bad first impression, do you? Of course not! You want your cleaning service company to be seen as quality with everything you do, even down to your business cards.

How about design? Well, to qualify as a ‘good’ design, you need to really get (honest) opinions from others. Once you’ve created your card designs (which we will get to in a second), ask friends and family what they think and what they would change if they could. Getting insight from them now instead of after the fact will only save your precious time and money.

Once you get nothing but positive feedback, you probably have a good design you can go with. But we recommend you look at what others are doing in other industries, and try to replicate and even make it better for yourself.

Lost and not sure how to even go about creating these quality and well designed business cards we’ve been talking about? Luckily I am now going to show you how to go about creating business cards that will seriously make your cleaning business stand out!

Finding a Printer

Finding a quality place to make and print your cards is very important. It doesn’t matter how good you want your cards to be if you have a low-quality printer. Here are some great options that you can’t go wrong with:



Although I personally always use VistaPrint and seriously think it is the best provider out there (for both quality and ease of use), I had to add in Zazzle because it is definitely the runner up.

With VistaPrint you can choose from hundreds of templates and then customize them to your likings. On top of that, they have an “Ultra Thick” card which is the definition of quality when it comes to business cards. If you aren’t going with that option (with any provider), you aren’t producing the highest of quality cards you could be producing.

Make Multiple Variations

Although it would be simple to create just one version of your business card and call it quits, I highly suggest not to do that. Instead, create 3-5 different variations of your card by using different templates and different wording on each of them.

This way, you will have a larger ‘idea pallet’ to pick from and you won’t be settling for the first version you create. Variety is a good thing when it comes to creating a business card, so don’t be afraid to make multiple variations before you decide to go with one!

Getting Feedback

Like I said before, getting feedback is going to be the ultimate way to know if your business cards are well designed and of quality. Show friends and family the various designs you’ve made, and take a vote. Which ever one gets the most is probably the one that will appeal to most people.

“Oh no, there’s a tie!”

If you happen to result in a tie, or very close votes on two designs, then you might need to just go with one. They are clearly both very good designs, so going with one or the other won’t be the end of the world. If you want to take the extra step, try creating a card that implements both of the design aspects from the two cards that tied. This way you can appeal to more people then you would if you just picked one.

Tip: Be sure to get feedback if you do decide to combine the two tied cards. Just trust me on this one.


Well, that’s about it! If you ever have trouble while creating your cleaning company business cards with one of the listed providers (or any), be sure to contact their support team! I’ve always found them to be extremely helpful and could not of been better.

Always remember this; business cards still work, even for cleaning businesses. Don’t let people fool you and say they don’t, because they work just as good (if not better) as they did 20 years ago. Just be sure to remember these two things:

  • Don’t cheap out on the quality – invest in quality cards (you will thank me later)
  • Be sure everyone likes your designs before buying, you will regret it if you don’t do this step!

This is just one of many cleaning business marketing strategies we supply here on our website. Want more? Be sure to read our blog for tons of guides that are helping all cleaning business owners alike.

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