Choosing a Cleaning Service to Offer


When you came up with the idea to start a cleaning business, it may of just been a general thought and you weren’t really sure on exactly what type of cleaning service you wanted to offer. There are two main paths you can go, which each have sub-categories for both paths. The main two paths you can go down are to clean for individuals, things like homes and garages, or you can go the business cleaning route, which includes things like store fronts and offices. Each have their own pros and cons, so it will be up to you to decide which market you want to clean for.

House Cleaning: Cleaning For an Individual

Cleaning homes typically is a lot easier, friendly, and sometimes more profitable then having businesses as clients. Reason being is that individual clients, rather than businesses, seem to be a little more friendly and lenient whenever some kind of issue comes up. So if you are looking to lessen stress in your life, I suggest you clean homes instead.

Now, lets go over the different types of home cleaning services you could offer.

Regular Cleaning

A regular cleaning is just that, regular. It consists of the basic cleanings that should be done weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. This regular cleaning is what will bring you in the most money, as people typically have you keep coming back month after month to clean their homes. This is good because you will more accurately be able to predict your future income for the next month depending on how many recurring customers you have at that time.

Spring / Deep Cleaning

Spring, it only comes once a year, so these types of services are not used as much. Unlike the regular cleaning which will have you at a clients home on a monthly basis, a deep cleaning will typically be a once a year thing, maybe two or three times depending on the client. The upside to spring cleanings is that you get to charge a lot more due to the fact it will take longer, more effort, and more resources.

I highly suggest if you plan on cleaning for individuals to offer both of the cleaning services stated above. Reason being that you will be able to gain clients from each. For example, lets say someone hires you to do one deep cleaning for the first time. After you are done, and if you did a great job, you could suggest to clean there home regularly to keep there home clean. This is what we call up-selling in the world of sales. After you have one sale and it goes well, why not try to sell again?

Business Cleaning: Cleaning For Businesses

When deciding if you want to clean for businesses or not, be prepared to have a less personal experience. It tends to be on a less personal level when dealing with clients that are businesses. The reason being they are more about the money. It sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Cleaning for businesses will feel more like you are working for someone else, rather than being self employed. But, on the upside of cleaning for businesses and companies, they tend to pay higher and want your services more frequently. No business wants to look dirty, and no customer of theirs would want to come back after being in a dump.

As with cleaning homes, cleaning businesses has multiple different routes you can go within it. You could specialize in carpets and floors, windows, sanitary cleaning, or just general cleaning. All of these are needed with most businesses, so if the area you plan to work in has a lot of store fronts and offices, you might want to consider cleaning for businesses.

If you do decide you want to clean businesses, I would highly recommend specializing in one cleaning type. For example, floor and carpet cleaning are a very needed and wanted thing with businesses, so it might be wise to start a cleaning business that offers just floor and carpet cleaning. This part is up to you, and if you really wanted to, you could offer a variety of different cleanings to attract more clients.

Whether you want to clean for individuals or businesses, always keep in mind what you want to do with your business. If you want to have a more personal approach, I would suggest working with individuals. But if you wish to be a bit more strict and frequent, cleaning businesses is always a good route. It’s up to you, there is plenty of potential in either way you decide to go. Pick one that fits your business goals and has the most potential.

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